Conversation Partner 2015 Spring [イベント情報]

Conversation Partner 2015 Spring 




・ 実施期間:5月18日(月)~7月18日(土)
・ 場所:基本自由(最初だけは日吉、三田キャンパスのどちらかで会ってもらいます)
・ 時間:月曜日から土曜日の1時限~放課後まで都合のよい時を選択して頂きます。






This is for Japanese students only. International students are required to use the application form below.

※ 申し込みに際しては上記事項によく目を通し、カンバセーションパートナー活動の主旨とスケジュール等、すべてを把握した上で行なうようにお願い致します。活動の主旨にそぐわない動機からの応募であると判断した場合、活動へのご参加をご辞退いただくようお願いする事もございます。

☆Conversation Partner Kick-Off Party


パートナーとの顔合わせ、これからの方針を顔を合わせて相談するための機会、キックオフ会を各々の活動に先駆けて5月15日(金)に日吉キャンパスで開催致します。 パートナーと確実に会い、これからの方針を決めていく重要な機会となりますので、原則的にご参加戴くようお願い致します。いらっしゃられない場合は、パートナーにその旨確実に事前伝達を行うよう、お願い致します。







Conversation Partner 2015  Spring

The purpose of Conversation Partner is to help international students improve their Japanese skills (especially in speaking) through daily conversations with the students of Keio once a week.

Reading a textbook is surely important. But don’t you want to make some close Japanese friends and know the “real” Japanese they are using everyday?

Those international students taking part in Conversation Partner are not only having fun but also doing well in class since they have more opportunities to talk with native speakers.

So why don’t you join us and make your life in Japan a truly fulfilling experience? We are all waiting for your participation!!

Application period:2nd May (Saturday) –8th May (Friday)
We can’t accept any applications nor modifications after the application period expires. We suggest you should submit your application with enough leeway.

Conversation Partner Program starts on 18th May and ends on 18th July.

Application form for international students :

This is for international students only. Japanese students are required to use the application form above.


We’ll hold a party called Kick-off party. This is a small party to let you know your partners you begin the conversation activity. We hope you will attend the meeting.

Details for Kick-off party:

Date: 15th May (Friday)

Place: Fourth Building Independence Wing (Dokuritsu-kan) in Hiyoshi campus, B1, Communication Lounge

This party is admission-free.

((Frequently Asked Questions))

Q. How can I make an application for Conversation Partner?

A. Please sign up for this program from the homepage of KOSMIC ( You can submit your application through that website using the application form.There are two application forms; for international students and for Japanese students. Please do not confuse them.

 Q. When and where do we have the Conversation Partner meetings?

A. Conversation Partner is held either in Mita or Hiyoshi. You can choose the place, date and time of the meetings. Please write it in the application form.

Q. How many people are in a group?

A. One group usually includes two international students and two Japanese students.

If you have any questions about Conversation partner or Kick-off party, please feel free to ask us at

Thank you.